everytime i go away…i leave a lil piece of me behind.

hello folks.ive been busy just not on here.im all over the web just type akacheshire youll find or see me all over.trying to raise funds seek contributions on a start up company in winnemucca,nv.89445,our place will be called lots@winnepoohba it will be a rv.motorhome.mobile home.atvs.rental on a slab.foundation.weekly,monthly.or yearly.quarter of an acre.half.or whole acre.were still in planning and funding right now.but this will not be a mobilehome lot park.we will rent the spots.areas.but not care for nor purchase homes or rvs ect..we will not repair .buy or sell homes.rvs/motorhomes.just rent the lots.in winnemucca,nevada.i have 40 acress near humboldt river.n the tracks.other side of the dunes,but may have some in my area.we are in the process of getting a motorhome/rv.or mobile home there as i write this.so if u know any cheap or resoble rv or motorhome for sale let me know.in the area or that could be brought to the area i will buy one or two.im looking to make an office n home of sorts.1st.then meet my partner there,and make the plans for foundations.and sizes prices,hey if you wanna donate a motor home or rv for the cause get ahold of me.were not planning on moving them so if they dont drive or are nearby and you wanna just get rid of get ahold of me here or at akacheshire@msn.com julea.no beaters and all wrecked.one we can live in work out of with no critters getting in.if you care to make a donation i have a link on indiegoo.com akacheshire just started big hopes big dreams.we have ideas for a few consultants too,like viv.hopefully once set up call on you or ask about stuff get adice.send rates or quotes if your intrested in makin a few bucks once we get started.wont be a whole lot at 1st but will pick up then you will /could get better pay.need to know the area well.be patient,we will keep all informed of how were doin.thanks.have a great day you fellow blog heads.until we meet again…may the wind always be at your back.and the candles forever burning.salute!