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The Nevada Humane Society Blog

by Diane Blankenburg

Nevada Humane Society is a no-kill shelter by the standards of our industry, but the terminology may be a little misleading. It does not mean we never euthanize an animal but rather that we make these decisions based on what we believe is the most humane and responsible thing to do. Specifically, this means that we do not euthanize for time or space as do many traditional shelters, but only when there a medical problem with a poor prognosis of recovery to a quality life or an aggressive dog that is deemed too high a risk to place back into the community.

So we are committed to taking care of all other animals in our shelter until we can find them the right home. This means that some of them stay in our care longer than others. The average stay at our shelter is actually very low—about…

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from an honest sure footed lady laura,she says it so beautifuly.thankyou for your blogs that are true.updated.and in the now.

WHE Blog

Today there was no roundup of wild horses at Diamond. The fog never lifted off the mountain side and in the draws where the ten “off HMA” horses were located. This area was utilized at the beginning of the operation but ten animals evaded capture. Today they remained shrouded in the “mist.” (yes… we are aware that the images were dated 2012 in error. We are tired and the “new year” for us begins March 1, the end of roundup season. We will retag, reload soon)

Yesterday all operations were cancelled due to snow and freezing rain. Two more systems are headed into the area and further delays are expected over the next three days.

At the end of the Diamond roundup yearlings are expected to be offered for adoption direct from the range. You must have your application approved to take a horse home. Information is available at this…

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