Pickens Moving Forward With Wild Horse Eco-Resort

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Source: By George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter – bio | email of KLAS TV

“The BLM spends more than $70 million per year to round up horses that most likely don’t need to be gathered…”

“George Knapp has always been a friend to the wild horses and in this story reports on the Pickens Eco-Resort.  No commentary, here, but it does appear that Pickens has not made any plans with the BLM, yet…so we thank the ‘Knappster’ for his report and recommend that comments be made at KLAS.  Keep the faith!” ~ R.T.


LAS VEGAS — Thousands of travel agents and executives from all over the world are in Las Vegas this week for the International Pow Wow trade show, in which the industry learns about new and exciting travel destinations.

One of the hottest attractions unveiled this year is a Nevada-based eco-sanctuary created to celebrate one of…

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OpEd: NAS Report Shows Lack of Science, Slaps BLM Justifications

WHE Blog

OpEd from Leslie Peeples, long time wild horse and burro advocate and volunteer/supporter/good friend of WHE

National Academy of Sciences report on BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program shows lack of science in decision making.

The first thing that comes to mind is that “oh my god, these are the exact things we at WHE have been shouting from the rooftops for years” and Hallelujah, NAS actually came out with an unbiased report (except the parameters of what NAS would study were set by BLM) that SLAPS BLM on it lack of scientific data when making almost all decisions regarding wild horses and burros on public lands”. I feel guardedly hopeful and somewhat validated.

Here are some juicy tidbits from the 6/5/2013, 451 page NAS report.

1. FINDING: Management of free-ranging horses and burros is not based on rigorous population-monitoring procedures.

WHE~, yes, thank you NAS, BLM really has no idea…

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