Call to Action: American Horse Advocate S.A.F.E. Pledge

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Habitat for Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and today we tender a means in which you can personally make a difference in the ongoing, bloody war against predatory horse slaughter.  Some of us old timers have been at this for many, many years and in a recent discussion with Jerry Finch of HfH it became glaringly obvious that we almost seem to be in the same position that we were over a decade ago in this fight except the only change is/are the people we are fighting.  Somehow the old adage, ‘If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got!’ popped out of both our mouths about the same time.

It’s time to do something different and the time to do it is NOW.  We two Texans have taken the pledge, below, and it’s a tough pill…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Guest OpEd by Grandma Gregg

The Bureau of Land Management needs to change their name to the Bureau of Land Destruction

th_DSC04668The capture and removal of 200 horses from the Blue Wing HMA (complex) was announced on Tuesday 7/30/13 and they will start capturing and removing the wild horses tomorrow 08/02/13 – giving the public no time to comment or file an IBLA complaint/stay.  Drought conditions on our public land are not an emergency – they are caused by numerous factors and all of these factors are known in advance and obviously the BLM has again over-stepped its legal authority by not following the NEPA law or the 1971 Congressional Wild Horse and Burro law.

Per the Range Administration System (RAS), this Blue Wing HMA complex is almost entirely within the Blue Wing/7 Troughs grazing allotment which authorizes 20,114 active animal unit months (AUMs) and 11,912 suspended AUMs which include…

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