beautiful wish i was in nevada wont be until autumn 2013..unless grant comes

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435 Little Owyhee horses were captured from the range and sent to PVC in Nevada. They join horses from Wassuk and Antelope, (the other 373 went to Litchfield in CA) From here they will most likely go to long term holding never to be seen again. Please help us fight for humane treatment, access to information to help protect our wild ones from slaughter and to fight for fair treatment on the range.

Most of the horses pictured in the slideshow are very young. They are now in the “system.” After three tries at adoption they will go “sale authority.

All horses available at Palomino Valley Center, Sparks.

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Today we take a moment to say “thank you” to all of those that believe in this work. WHE will continue to do what we can to address the multitude of issues surrounding our wild horses and burros.

Embrace your loved ones, count your blessings. All of us have many things to be grateful for this year.

But today I have a sick horse… I am going to be with her today.

Merry Christmas.

Made this for my mom in 2010…

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equine canadaThis week Equine Canada is sending its members and associates a holiday message, expressing “deep appreciation for all your dedication, hard work and enthusiastic participation in one ofCanada‘s most rewarding sports, and with its most treasured animal, the horse. ”  It continues, “At this special time of year and in light of our community’s commitment to the health and welfare of this valiant animal, we wish to express support for the work of two groups that reflect the values we have embraced in our new strategic direction.”

 The message implies that Equine Canada has a new strategic direction including horse welfare.  Will this new direction include a no slaughter stance, or at least a neutral stance against it?  Will Equine Canada and its affiliated provincial horse federations end their alliance with the pro-slaughter Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC)?  

As long as Equine Canada and the Canadian horse federations align themselves with…

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Tuesday's Horse

Horses with Santa Hat in Snow. Google image.

Can you come up with the best caption to this photo?

Please post your caption in comments here on Tuesday’s Horse, and keep it fun! You can also post your comment on our Facebook Page ( or retweet it with your comment on Twitter (@Horsefund).

We will award some sort of prize, but not sure what that will be yet. And you probably won’t get it until the New Year.


Merry Christmas everyone from the Int’l Fund for Horses and Tuesday’s Horse.

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