Drought Causes BLM to Reduce Grazing, other targeted actions

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Elko Daily Free Press

Truth or more BLM BS?

Drought has prompted the Bureau of Land Management to undertake targeted action on the rangeland such as supplying wild horses with food and water, cutting back cattle grazing and enacting fire restrictions.

Hot, dry conditions persist in the West with at least 15 states experiencing drought. In Nevada, about 60 percent of the state has been in severe or extreme drought since January.

“Since last fall and winter, we have been working with grazers across the West in anticipation of tough conditions related to drought,” said Neil Kornze, BLM principal deputy director. “In southwestern Montana, for example, the BLM worked with permitted ranchers to graze no more than 70 percent of their allotted forage on BLM-managed lands.

“As drought conditions continue, wild horses, livestock, and wildlife that rely on rangeland forage and water will face extremely challenging conditions that…

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A Summer’s Day With Peggy

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What better way of spending a lovely summer’s day than sharing it with a legend of the folk world?

Regarded a one of the most authoritative voices in folk music, Peggy Seeger, is acknowledged for her exceptional renditions of Anglo-American folk songs and for her activist song writing, with Gonna Be an Engineer and The Ballad of Springhill amongst her best-known pieces.

Peggy is currently working on her latest album release and Nick was delighted to be asked by Kerry Harvey-Piper, owner of independent record and management company Red Grape, to shoot the cover and promotional photography for it.

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