easter weekened 2012

hello.happy easter weekend.as i sit here i ponder alot,altho i dont write it all down it echos threw the wall of my mind.i have a thing for colors.and solitude.i love golds,cremes.rusts.maples.tans.pale.tan.autumn colors more or less.the lighting of dawn and dusk.it really makes my senses real.im looking forward to our trip in june.visual is alot to me.i will be bring cameras.laptop.digital photograpy..i plan to take many many photos of the desert in nevada.and animals.not to mention posting our 40 acre lot to no trespassing and no hunting.just for my family.this area means alot to me.i am part indian.also polish,norweigin,irish,indian..altho i have never been in northern nevada i really look forward to the adventure.im actually thinking of buying more area near humboldt river.another 60 acres.not sure am reasearching at the time.ive got the camping gear together almost.we have the tents.pans.cups.bottled water.juggs.and idividual.solar charger for technoligy.chairs that fold down to go in there bags as do the tents soo cool.i havent been camping in years many many moons!so everything all compact its so easy.we have the odds n ends.cords.tpaper.bug stuff.whitch hazel.other lil odds n ends.and alls left to get is the sleepin bags n snacks.and a camping ¬†potty chair.with small tent theres no way im getting bit! and my sons meds.my meds.and syrup or epi piins.also a walmrt supercenter in winnemucca thats awesome!if we need more,which am sure will need cool.snacks.so on,i wish it was more than two weeks.i plan to post the land.altho maybe tricky.im sure will have a good time..its getting closer…weeeeeeeeeeee.. have a happy easter you all.peace.cheshire


it took forever..

ImageImagei am getting property near winnemucca.[its basically in winnemucca]but 30 minutes away.its near hwy80 on the other side of one tree..and i believe near cs ranch.wont know more but have the lats n longitudes.im lookingb forward to seeing it in june.id love to stop n sayhi to  madeleine on the way but not sure if we can.peace.cheshire