Money, Ego and the Failure to Save Wild Horses and Burros

Money, Ego and the Failure to Save Wild Horses and Burros.exactly!


i wonder if it works??thats theft.if i ever seen or heard it.are they cutting the tail fur or tail too??i know ive also heard bugs can get infested and eat the tail.gross huh.thats so sad.leave the horses alone.what a beautiful horse.

Tuesday's Horse


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Wade Werbelow has some horsehair to find.

After reading recent reports that the incidents of tail clippings had seeped into Fremont and Sweetwater counties, in addition to Natrona and Converse, Werbelow decided it was time to talk to local law enforcement. Instead, they called him first.

“I just pretty much started my investigation this morning,” said Werbelow, an inspector for the Wyoming Livestock Board, on Wednesday. “We’re basically going to get a hold of all the counties that have incidents, gather information, keep track of it, and see what we come up with.”

Werbelow said officials from the affected counties tentatively plan to meet next week and discuss any similarities in the recent events. The current ticker hovers near 100, with Natrona County shouldering the bulk of the shears at 61 horses. About 30 have been reported in Converse County, eight to…

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Tuesday's Horse


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BETHANY, Conn. — A 23-year-old Cheshire Road woman was arrested on an animal cruelty charge after animal control and state police discovered a paint horse in July living in “outrageous” conditions, a state police officer said Wednesday.

Shannon Trowbridge, of 77 Cheshire Road, surrendered to state police at Troop I this week on one count of animal cruelty.

Bethany Resident State Trooper David Merriam said Trowbridge is accused of neglecting the horse, which was removed from the residence July 26.

The horse, Cheyenne, was found boarded up in a stall and was “knee deep in a couple of feet of manure,” he said.

Her stall, which was nailed shut, had to be dismantled to free her.

In the process of leaving the stall, her legs were wobbly and she fell a number of times trying to walk.

News of…

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