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Advocates Hope That Illegal Roundups Get Nixed Next

The federal Bureau of Land Management’s largest wild-horse adoption facility in the country is getting nicked by the budget axe.

The Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Center, 20 miles north of Reno, is scaling back its weekend operations in a move criticized by horse advocates. The facility, which will remain open on weekdays, will limit its Saturday hours to just mornings on the first Saturday of each month beginning in April.

The center is closed Sundays.

Anne Novak of California-based Protect Mustangs said most people work during the week and the move shows the BLM doesn’t care about a successful horse adoption program.

The facility serves as the primary preparation center for wild horses and burros removed from public lands in Nevada and surrounding states. Horses that aren’t adopted are shipped to government-funded pastures in the…

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The Nevada Humane Society Blog

by Diane Blankenburg

Nevada Humane Society has become a model for open-admission, no-kill shelters across the country through our efforts over the last six years. It is an accomplishment for which we are all very proud, but at the same time, it is extremely humbling.

As I meet other people in the animal welfare field, the reaction is sometimes similar to meeting their favorite rock star or childhood hero. In reality, we have faced the same challenges and persevered in spite of them. We have gone through the same blood, sweat, and tears as any other animal shelter that is just trying to do the right thing.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Kansas City Pet Project (KCPP) in Kansas City, Missouri. KCPP is a new organization (about one year old) who took over the daunting task of operating its city animal shelter, and boldly began…

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