RECAP: Game of Thrones Watch: Hulk Smash!


Spoilers for last night’s Game of Thrones follow:

“There’s no kind of killing that doesn’t have its own word.”

Game of Thrones is perhaps the most elaborate trick TV has ever created to get people to watch a show about talking while making them believe it’s a show about fighting. Yes, there is swordplay and spearplay, yes, there are dragons and occasional magic, yes, there are pyramids and castles with Moon doors, yes, there is sufficient violence that a man had an axe buried in his bald head and it was maybe, maybe the third grossest thing we saw tonight. Yet Game of Thrones is never more captivating than when it’s just one person talking to another person.

You would think that “The Mountain and the Viper” would be an exception. It was, after all, an episode that, as the title tipped us off, was built toward a duel, between…

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“Cowboy” Poetry Sunday

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Sheldon wild horse Sheldon wild horse

Cowboy poetry has a long tradition in the American West. Like most things the poetry has tall tales about how it became such a tradition. Like the “bards” of Europe it became a way to tell history, deal with deep thoughts and humorous takes.

For Sunday we thought we would give wild horses a moment in this Western tradition.

Wild horse family Wild horse family

When I die…

“When I die take me to the Sheldon range” I’d say. Prop me up facing East near the waterhole on that day.

Leave a cup o Joe and a smoke in my hands. I’ll watch each sunrise forever in that beautiful land.

Each mornin’ the wild horses that I love… Will bring a blessing from the great man above.

Heaven would be complete for me on that spot. To many it might not seem like I’m askin’ alot.

Wild Horses on the Sheldon range Wild Horses on the Sheldon range

But things…

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