boop boop be doo..holidays are near.i love them.try not to get depressed cause i cannot afford stuff for my teenage son .and/or older kids..all the wonderful hype in advertisements make me wanna scream out.some people just dont have the money.sure id love to have a beautiful colorful holiday with all the trimings with my best friends my animals.but alas il be here alone the quietness i deserve i guess.dont get me wrong i love holidays and them all quiet like now.but in passed i could afford things for my kids n its very seldom.its hard to explain sorry kid i can only pay…i hate that.without juggling all that we would be in a box on state street.were warm.we have beds.socks.clothes.furry warm animal freinds.and we have electricity.water.a place to lay our heads..but others dont even have that.were blessed for the moment.which i know one moment can change your life forever.sure i aploigize to my kids n broke im broke.we just get buy.we go to pantries.ive joined many online sites to get free cat gift cards.and scope the deals in grocery stores use there store cards.i am happy with my life.i never ask for anything.and i get nothing.but just knowing we are safe and a blessing.we know that.its hard to be humble n stay that way.advertizments on tv makes one feel a nobody.but i try to remeber all there birthdays.not much but i send a lil something if i can..they understand kindof sortof.but i do what i can and we stay just afloat.i know many people are doing the i hope you know you are not alone.we all need to know were loved.wanted.and safe.sometimes just a smile.kind word.or sharing a good thing.the kindness of a stranger i always say..happy holidays.i wish u all a safe warm holiday spirit.and holidays..may we all be merry with what were just able to do.and be happy with loved ones.peace be with you all.



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