The Nevada Humane Society Blog

by Diane Blankenburg

Growing up in San Diego, both of my parents worked and I was often home alone after school. I frequently watched the Bob Dale movie show to pass the time and keep me company. He presented the best of the movies, and on commercial breaks he passionately discussed behind-the-scenes film making. I quickly became enthralled by the industry and mesmerized by the movies.

One of my all-time favorite films was (and still is) Old Yeller. There isn’t a movie where I cry more, and I was forever affected by the loving bond that existed between young Travis and the stray yellow lab he named Old Yeller. I’m quite sure this launched another true love of mine—animals, especially dogs, especially labs, and especially rescues.

As this Sunday approaches and brings with it the 85th Academy Awards presentation, I couldn’t be more excited. But it made me…

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