hello i come n go here.not here much but when i am i like to see new things on the site.just visited vivs site.extraordonary!i love her pictures,words.and being.she tells it like it is.ive had some new things in my life ,coming n going.the first break in 31 years ever is nice.a few weeks to myself.wow now thats a trip n itself!i am not doing anything different.but its nice taking break from chores.im restless yet mystified.my life is changing once more all around me.big surprises.some good some not so good.but il take it with a grain of salt.i have aplied for grants.no answers yet.either way is ok.my animals are all fine.i really need to put pictures up.hey viv if your reading this do u have a facebook page??im akacheshire look me up.i hated it at first.now i really enjoy it and learn alot.actually.who would of known.todays labor day weekend.im not with friends cooking out.im here alone.i do alone well.i love the solice.elbow room.,but get lonely at times.im a loner,i love doing things alone i have for many years.but sometimes i reallt bore myself to death.ive been thinking too much lately.home way too much.i have no plans for the weekend,gave 2 dogs flea baths.put the bug stuff down in the yard for the 5th time this year.the ants and fleas are relentless.i crave a friendship where we could go have coffee a friend and self.but alas i only seem to have online friends these days.anyways so my 6 animals keep me company.there very good at keeping secrets,and very good listeners.i love them all.but my plans this weekend arte to sit here whatch tv.catch up on shows and movies all weekend.do some chores.ride my bike to the beaches shore,look for stones,small pebbles,shells.as lake michigan waves upon my feet.its always made me laugh the waves come in the waves go out..its always been funny to me.no idea why.but i coast around on my bike on beautiful sunny michigan lazy days.breath deeply and realize im at home,at peace.i love it here,i am happy.but people sometimes try to ruin that i wonder why….thats why my best friends are animals.i luv them so.im hoping by next week i have some really big news.i will share with many if it develops.wish me luck.but dont say break a leg ok.peace n huggs.cheshire.



  1. Hi Cheshire, If we could meet in Nevada, I would love to have a cup of coffee with you. I am not on Facebook.

    I was for a while but right now I prefer to devote my on-line time to my blog. Thank you for your kind words about my site.

    I look forward to hearing the results of your grant application…hope it is good news:)

    Blessings and Hugs,


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